Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Credit Check Merchant Cash Advancement With Merchant Cash in Advance

2011 has shown rough times for American small business, with 9 out of every 10 traditional business loan applicant being denied of financing options, reports Merchant Cash in Advance.
Most businesses in American have turned to alternative financing, business loans the form of cash advancement. The most popular of which being Merchant Cash Advances for 2011, with over 27,000 American small businesses utilizing various Merchant Cash Advance programs.

Unfortunately for those in the construction business, a Merchant Cash Advance was simply not an option due to their lack of regular credit card sales.

All businesses, including Construction Business owners, can now apply for traditional business loans have now been given the alternative option of funding that does not need credit approval or require collateral. "Cash flow issues are common in the construction industry, and many owners have turned to to meet the day to day needs of their business." says Mike Butler, VP of Operations at MerchantCashinAdvance.

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Over 50,000 Businesses in America Have Obtained Funding Through a New Merchant Cash Advance Program

Business owners across America have shown a great deal of response to a hybrid version of a merchant cash advance, announces Merchant Cash in Advance. Cash Advance Merchants receive both small and large sized businesses the working capital needed in 48 hours and have grown their business 5 fold.

One cannot grow a company using traditional methods, you need alternative financing to leverage your assets. By purchasing future credit card processing sales an immediate sum of money is given in the form of a merchant cash advance, which is to be paid back in 18 months.

The advance is automatically re-paid by a minimum percentage deduction of credit card transactions until the advance is paid in full. Not treated like a loan, Merchant Cash Advance Services are an alternative to business financing.
In this poor working economy that is slowly increasing speed, Merchant Cash In Advance respects prospective small businesses during their start-up, realizing that monetary merchant cash advances are necessary to compete in today’s industry. Running a business is difficult and credit history is not affected by the ability to receive funds with this program.
Merchant Cash in Advance is specifically designed for merchants, which explains why your application, and review process of renewing flow easily. Clients that have benefited from Merchant Cash in Advance have great things to say about the services offered, mostly because it’s tailored to fit specific business needs.

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